The player, who was about to make his Test debut for ENGLAND, managed to win a lottery worth 51 lakhs for his friend

Josh Tongue is set to make his Test debut for England against Ireland on Friday. Meanwhile, a close friend of Tongue’s family revealed an incident that would benefit them by almost 51 lakh rupees.

Josh Tongue will make his Test cricket debut for England at Lord’s Cricket Ground against Ireland tomorrow morning, i.e. June 2nd. It will be a big opportunity for Tongue, but one of his family friends will celebrate this occasion even more because they will benefit from this opportunity by £49,900 (approximately ₹51 lakhs)

Tongue’s Cricket Prediction

According to a BBC report, Tongue’s family friend Tim Piper made a bet in 2009 that he (Tongue) would play Test cricket for England. Tongue was only 11 years old at the time. Piper placed a £100 bet that one day Tongue would play Test cricket for England.

The bet on Tongue’s career

Interestingly, Piper wanted to place the bet when Tongue was only six years old. However, he couldn’t find anyone to take the bet at that time. Before Tongue’s Test debut, Piper revealed this incident while speaking to BBC Sport.

The value of the bet

Piper said that he kept the slip of this bet in his cupboard. I thought to myself that the value of this bet should have been £100. Even if they don’t pay the money for this bet, playing for England will still make us proud. For Tongue, being in the Test team is just a bonus.

Tongue faced many difficulties

Tongue’s friend said that there were many difficulties on his way to joining England’s Test team. He said that due to a shoulder injury in 2021-22, his career was almost over, but Piper never gave up. Along with this, Piper says that he had so many injuries, but I never lost faith in Tongue. I kept thinking that maybe it could happen. These last two weeks have been quite big for me.

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